Obama, Kaine and Warner: Time to Lead on Climate

On February 17, thousands of Virginians joined 35,000 citizens from across the country at a rally in DC to say NO to the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. If this destructive project is built, NASA scientist James Hanson has characterized it as “game over” for our efforts to fight climate change.

The President and the federal agencies he leads must take action to address climate change and reduce carbon pollution. President Obama needs Senators like Warner and Kaine to support him in exercising this authority to address climate change, with actions like rejecting the dirty KXL tar sands pipeline and reducing carbon pollution from power plants.

Click here to send a message to Senators Warner and Kaine urging them to support the President in making the right decision. After you send that e-mail a page will pop up with the two Senator’s phone numbers so you can call them, too. Thank you!

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