EPA Report Shows Dominion is Virginia’s Biggest Carbon Polluter

The US EPA posted its second year of greenhouse gas emissions data for the nation today [Feb. 5, 2013] showing Dominion to be the biggest carbon polluter in Virginia. The data shows that the top 3 carbon pollution sources in Virginia are all Dominion power plants: Chesterfield Power Station, Clover Power Station and Chesapeake Energy Center. Of the top twenty polluting facilities, Dominion operates seven.

44.690 million tons of carbon pollution were reported, with 29 million tons, 65%, emitted by electric utilities, and Dominion was responsible for 20.589 million tons or 46% of all greenhouse gas emissions from the sources reporting in Virginia.

“Dominion’s plans to retire older coal plants and rely on new natural gas plants is not really a solution,” said Besa. “The gas that escapes in the drilling and production process combined with the carbon pollution from burning the gas may actually be more polluting than coal. That’s why we need to move away from fossil fuels.”

“Carbon pollution is disrupting our climate,” said Glen Besa, Virginia Director of the Sierra Club. “Every year that Dominion delays moving away from fossil fuels and to wind, solar and energy efficiency raises the costs to all of us in dealing with sea level rise, hurricane damage, crop losses, and human health impacts ranging from heat related deaths to insect borne illnesses like West Nile Virus.”

“Big, profitable companies like Dominion and the State Corporation Commission that regulates them need to be leading the way in reducing carbon pollution. It is a responsibility they owe to the customers today and future generations of Virginians. We can do better,” said Besa.


Tell Dominion: Stop Holding Virginia Back!
Dominion is holding Virginia back. Right now, Virginia’s largest energy company hasn’t built a single wind farm or major solar project in our state. They have minimal investments in renewable energy in their plan for the next 15 years. Click here to send the message to Thomas F. Farrell II, President & CEO of Dominion Virginia Power telling him that Virginians have had enough of their empty promises — we want clean energy now.

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