Let the Sun Shine in on Virginia! Tell the SCC to Support More Solar.

The President in his inaugural speech eloquently defined our potential legacy — to stop climate disruption by putting our nation on the path to a clean energy future.

Build our climate legacy in Virginia: support more solar energy.

During our 100 days of action while we escalate a national discussion about climate disruption, Virginia’s path to clean energy will be forged by Dominion Virginia Power and our State Corporation Commissioners (SCC). During upcoming hearings over the next few months, they will decide whether to invest in Virginia-made clean energy or decades more of dirty, climate-disrupting fuels.

The first hearing on February 12th is a battle to define the true value of solar power in Virginia by establishing a program that could promote new, customer-owned solar power and create a thriving solar industry right here in the Commonwealth. The current proposal from Dominion grossly underestimates this value, and places Virginia’s path towards clean energy and our climate legacy at risk.

Click here to demand that the SCC approve a value for solar power that forges our path to clean energy!

If we are to take decisive action on climate disruption in Virginia, then defining the true value of solar power is a critical step. We must urge the SCC to approve solar programs that account for the many benefits that solar power brings to all of Dominion’s customers.

Those who say that nothing can be done about climate disruption forget what America and Virginia are capable of — submit your comments today!

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