Stop Dominion’s Brunswick fracked gas plant

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Act Now by Clicking HERE to tell the SCC to reject the Brunswick natural gas plant, and instead put energy efficiency first!


Dominion Virginia Power and Virginia’s energy regulators, the State Corporation Commission, are holding us back. Dominion plans to invest more than $1 billion to build the Brunswick County power plant, a large, natural gas-fired power station in Brunswick County, VA, instead of cleaner and cheaper energy efficiency, wind and solar power. The State Corporation Commission can ensure Dominion diversifies our energy mix with clean energy, but instead is stuck in the past relying on dirty, 19th century energy technologies.

Click here to view David Schlissel’s expert testimony before the SCC.
Click here to view Jeffrey Loitter’s expert testimony before the SCC.


Fracking for natural gas involves drilling thousands of feet into the ground and injecting millions of gallons of water, sand, and toxic chemicals into the shale. This process threatens contamination of groundwater and local drinking water wells. These extraction techniques harm communities facing drilling operations and downstream communities, including communities near wastewater treatment plants. Wastewater can contain radioactive materials, as well as carcinogenic elements and compounds such as arsenic and benzene.

Burning natural gas generates dangerous carbon pollution that contributes to climate change which is causing hazardous flooding and extreme weather on our coasts and releases harmful nitrous oxides that lead to dirty smog in our air. The annual air pollution emissions from the Brunswick gas plant would include 5,341,291 tons of CO2 contributing to climate change and 343.6 tons of smog producing NOx.


Clean energy like wind, solar and efficiency will not only mean cleaner air and safer water, but will help avoid the worse consequences of climate disruption. Investing in a mix of clean energy sources will create thousands of new, good paying jobs, boost our economy and save families money. Unfortunately, Virginia is nearly dead last in the nation for clean energy while other states like New Jersey and Maryland are charging ahead with solar, energy efficiency and growing support for offshore wind. It’s time for Dominion and the State Corporation Commission to pave the way for a cleaner energy future for Virginia.

Fighting for Wind and Solar Energy and Efficiency in Virginia
Over the next month there will be a comment period and a hearing before the State Corporation Commission on a Dominion case relating to energy efficiency.

  • Efficiency Comment Deadline: Feb 25
  • Efficiency Hearing: Mar 6 in Richmond
  • Other actions on wind and solar will be announced soon

Stopping Dominion’s plans for a new natural gas plant in Brunswick County
Dominion’s plans to build a new natural gas plant are reckless and put Virginia families and electric customers at risk. Energy efficiency is a cheaper option that would save money rather than costing us another $1 billion for more pollution.

We also need to convince the State Corporation Commission that Dominion’s Brunswick gas plant is not in the interest of Dominion customers.

  • Brunswick plant comment deadline: Apr 17
  • Brunswick gas plant SCC hearing: Apr 24

Earth Day
Across Virginia, we need to get the word out about climate change and what we can do about. Plan on participating in your local Earth Day activities in April and sharing materials we can provide you climate change in Virginia. If you live in Dominion-Virginia Power territory we can provide you with information on the Brunswick plant and actions citizens can take to fight for renewable energy.

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