Stop Virginia’s Gas Rush!

Fossil fuels or clean energy? A legacy of pollution, sickness, and a changing climate, or a 21st century clean energy economy and jobs?

Over the next month, the State Corporation Commission (SCC) of Virginia will decide if Dominion can build their proposed Brunswick natural gas power plant. We need to be cutting our pollution, not increasing it. But under Dominion’s current plans, their carbon pollution would increase by nearly 30 percent over the next three decades.

The Virginia SCC needs to hear from you that relying more heavily on natural gas is not how we want to power our state. Energy efficiency is cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable than gas-fired power plants and provides 21st century jobs.

Add your voice now to stand in support of clean energy for Virginia.

This fight is historic. The SCC has never denied a natural gas power plant permit before. But never before have the consequences of continued fossil fuel use been so clear.

Dominion’s risky plan will hurt our families and communities. Virginia – and the planet – cannot afford 30 percent more pollution. We need to start moving away from fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions now, not in 2050.

Make history. Make a difference. Tell the SCC to deny the permit for the Brunswick natural gas plant.

Natural gas is anything but clean. Natural gas power plants still cause the air pollution that puts children, the elderly, or anyone with asthma or breathing problems, at risk. And gas drilling, especially hydrofracking, puts local water supplies at risk. More gas for Virginia means more fracking.

And natural gas prices are expected to go back up– that is money out of your wallets when we get stuck with a rate increase. Instead, Dominion should invest that money in clean, affordable energy efficiency, which means lower bills in the future because we are using less electricity. It also means more jobs and a hedge against increasing energy prices.

Please act now to urge the SCC to reject the Brunswick natural gas plant, and instead put energy efficiency first!

Help make Virginia a clean energy leader, and leave a legacy of sustainability for future generations.

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