A whole lotta of fracking goin’ on! (with apologies to Jerry Lee Lewis)

If you’ve read Bill McKibben’s “Do the Math” article, you know we need to keep as much as two-thirds of the known fossil fuel reserves in the ground to avoid a climate catastrophe.

One more time: Tell U.S. Agriculture Secretary Vilsack “Don’t Frack the George Washington National Forest!”

The rush to frack is sweeping away common sense as shortsighted, greedy utilities like Dominion commit to building new gas power plants as quickly as they can in the name of cheap energy. Ironically, Dominion goes before the State Corporation Commission on June 18 seeking a fuel rate increase because of rising natural gas prices, and Sierra Club will be there opposing them.

STOP the FRACK ATTACK on the GWNF! Even if you’ve acted on this issue before, please do so again. It’s crunch time!

Dominion Resources, parent company of Virginia Power, is actually a natural gas industry giant. They don’t frack it themselves, they just buy it, store it, pipe it, burn it and even ship it overseas. That’s what Dominion plans to do at a massive export terminal for liquefied natural gas called Cove Point in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay, which Sierra Club is opposing.

So just where is all this gas coming from? That’s simple, fracking! Fracking anywhere and everywhere – in the Shenandoah Valley including the George Washington National Forest (GWNF), a recreational mecca for the mid-Atlantic and the source of drinking water for millions, the Northern Neck east of I-95, as well as near Abingdon in SW Virginia. And if you don’t live where there are gas bearing shale formations, you may be next to a leaky pipeline or near a noisy pumping station.

This month we expect the U.S. Forest Service to issue its plan for the George Washington National Forest. The last draft recommended no fracking. But that was before the gas industry intervened behind closed doors to block a fracking ban in the GWNF.

Unless the U.S. Forest Service hears from you – hears from us BIG TIME – that Plan may come down in favor of fracking. Click here to take action TODAY!

The good news is that the actions of thousands of you recently convinced Senator Mark Warner to write the USFS urging them to consider our concerns. That happened because of your calls and e-mails to his office! Let’s keep it up!

Throughout the month of June, Sierra Club will be partnering with other groups to draw attention to fracking in Virginia and how unprepared our regulatory agencies are to deal with the health, safety and environmental consequences. Watch for more news on how you can help us stop this frack attack in Virginia.

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