Reporting Back from the EPA Listening Session in D.C. 11-7-2013

We did it! Thanks to all of you, the EPA Listening Session on Thursday was a huge success.  We were thrilled to see several hundred citizens testify in support of strong carbon regulations, with many others showing support by holding signs, filling up the hearing rooms, and attending the press event and march. We received great press coverage, and some pictures from the day can be found on this flickr page and on Facebook. If you have stories or pictures from the day you’d like to share, please let us know by contacting Corrina, at corrina.beall@sierraclub.org!

Next steps:
  • Submit your testimony: 

    The EPA will be accepting written comments through the end of the month. If you were not able to testify, or if you did not leave a hard copy of your testimony with the EPA, please consider submitting your comments on the EPA’s website here, or by emailing carbonpollutioninput@epa.gov.

  • Write a Letter to the Editor (LTE): 

    LTEs are a great tool for demonstrating public support for our campaigns. The opinion page is often the most read page of a newspaper and public officials pay close attention to the opinion pages to get a sense of how the community feels about certain topics. If you’re interested in writing an LTE, please consider joining our Letter to the Editor team by contacting Kate, at kate.addleson@sierraclub.org.

Congrats and thanks again to all of you for voicing your support to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants, and asking the EPA to act on climate now!

To read testimony shared with the EPA on Thursday by the following Sierra Club Members, follow the links below:

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Colin Cech’s Testimony

Dick Ball’s Testimony

Ivy Main’s Testimony

Joe Cook’s Testimony

Mary Ann Reeser-Rudy’s Testimony

Rekha Nadkarni’s Testimony

Steven Bruckner’s Testimony

Susan Stillman’s Testimony

William Whitesell’s Testimony

About the Author

Corrina Beall is the Legislative Coordinator for the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club.