Virginia Governor’s Commission on Climate Change Report

EPA Photo cropBefore politics and ideology poisoned the discussion, there was bi-partisan agreement that human-caused climate change is real, poses a serious threat to all of us, and needs to be mitigated. Five years ago, the Virginia Governor’s Commission on Climate Change issued its unanimous Final Report: A Climate Change Action Plan (December 2008), which carefully reviewed and endorsed the scientific conclusion that our greenhouse gas emissions are causing global warming, identified many of the dangers posed by climate change, and recommended a long list of actions that would reduce both global warming and the resulting harm, some of which is already occurring.

Since that bi-partisan Final Report was issued, the science of climate change has gotten stronger, the recognized perils have gotten larger, and the costs of mitigation through renewable energy and efficiency have gone down. Still the Report of the Governor’s Commission on Climate Change remains well worth reading and is posted for everyone to see. Many of its recommendations remain valid and still should be implemented.

Click HERE to view the Climate Change Action Plan developed by Governor Kaine’s Commission on Climate Change.


About the Author

Corrina Beall is the Legislative Coordinator for the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club.