Act Now for a Clean Energy Future

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is preparing to set limits on the amount of carbon pollution that can be emitted from dirty power plants for the first time ever.

Let Virginia’s Public Officials know you support the EPA’s Carbon Rules!

Right now, our power plants dump unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into the air every day. That has to stop. Setting strong* standards will protect our air and our health, and begin to put our nation back on the path toward sustainability.

We have learned from the White House that on June 2nd, President Obama and U.S. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will stand together to make this historic announcement.


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Tell Governor McAuliffe to support the U.S. EPA carbon limits on coal plants.

You and I know that the coal industry, big utilities, and their allies will do everything in their power to beat these standards back, by weakening them, and trying to eliminate these protections through attacks in Congress. That’s why we need to be united in voicing our support for limiting carbon pollution, which is critical to protecting our climate. If we stand together, we can be louder and stronger than the industries who profit from this pollution.

One important way you can act now to ensure these standards are completed and implemented is to send a letter to Virginia’s top political leaders: Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, and Governor Terry McAuliffe, urging them to stand with us and support limits on carbon pollution to protect our environment and future generations.

If our elected leaders don’t hear from us, they are likely to cave to the political pressure of big polluters. They need to know that Virginians care about the climate and will stand behind them on this critical issue.

Please take action today for a clean energy future.

*How strong is strong enough? From our analysis, a strong, achievable standard would reduce carbon pollution by more than 25% below current levels by 2020. This would protect our communities and future generations from the worst effects of climate change, while encouraging the use of new energy efficiency and clean energy technologies.

About the Author

Corrina Beall is the Legislative Coordinator for the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club.