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Please consider giving to the Sierra Club-Virginia Chapter in your year-end environmental contributions.  Thank you for everything you do to explore, enjoy, and protect the planet.

Contact your Legislators

Protect the Clean Power Plan The Clean Power Plan is an opportunity to protect our children and future generations from the impacts of climate change by addressing its main cause: carbon pollution from power plants. But a bill has been introduced to the Virginia General Assembly that would needlessly complicate implementation of the EPA’s Clean Power [...]

Climate Disruption & Virginia’s Native Species

Climate Disruption & Virginia’s Native Species

Climate disruption is a global issue that already appears to be impacting aspects of our environment and the native species we find familiar. Warming climate trends lead to increased incidence and intensity of storms, sea level rise, ocean acidification, and other consequences, causing variations in species’ ranges and habitat, changes in the timing of migrations, and altering food [...]