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Governor McAuliffe: We’re Counting on you to be our Clean Power Plan Champion!

A strong Clean Power Plan is our best opportunity to replace this dirty power with renewable energy and increase our energy efficiency. The plan will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from our electricity sector nationwide 30% by 2030.

Because each state will be responsible for developing its own strategy to comply with the Clean Power Plan, we need to ensure that Governor McAuliffe will make renewable energy a priority. Without public demand for solar, wind and efficiency, Dominion’s “do nothing” plan that relies on more gas-burning power plants and a new nuclear reactor will likely be in our future instead. That is why the Governor needs to hear from you.


No North Anna 3! It’s Too Costly & Too Risky

A new alliance, Not on Our Fault Line, has formed to oppose Dominion Virginia Power’s plans for a new nuclear reactor in Louisa County adjacent to the site of the North Anna Reactors 1 & 2.


Stop the Frack Attack on the George Washington National Forest!

We need your help to protect healthy forests and our drinking water in the Shenandoah Valley by keeping the proposed ban on natural gas fracking on the George Washington National Forest. Click here to send the Secretary of Agriculture a message today to stop the Frack Attack!


Tell Dominion: Stop Holding Virginia Back!

Dominion is holding Virginia back. Right now, Virginia’s largest energy company hasn’t built a single wind farm or major solar project in our state. They have minimal investments in renewable energy in their plan for the next 15 years. Click here to send the message to Thomas F. Farrell II, President & CEO of Dominion Virginia Power telling him that Virginians have had enough of their empty promises — we want clean energy now.